Funny Mason Memories — August 12, 2013

Funny Mason Memories

I’ve started writing down the funny things Mason has said and done to put in his baby box to chuckle about when he’s older (college graduation dinner??). That being said, I couldn’t resist not sharing them on here because let’s face it, some are pretty hilarious. Continue reading

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A Wedding, A Birthday and a Baby! — March 11, 2013

A Wedding, A Birthday and a Baby!

Where do I even begin?! There’s been so much going on in our house the last month it’s been non-stop!

First of all, my sister Kristen got married! Her ceremony was at Cherry Creek Golf Club, and it was a brunch wedding which was delicious! The morning of was pretty hectic between hair, make-up, and making sure Chris got the kids to the golf club in time (and dressed!). The kids were suppose to walk down the aisle too but Mia decided to cry as I was about to walk in with her, so Chris sat out in the hallway with the kids. Mia was a ham in her little black velvet dress and red flower headband, and Mason tore it up on the dance floor! Continue reading