He’s where he’s supposed to be. — September 15, 2016

He’s where he’s supposed to be.

Mason cried this morning about school.  A few things happened though that I think led up to it. First, I wasn’t in bed when he woke up and went to our room and we have been letting him cuddle with us in bed in the mornings before school.  He will happily run in and snuggle into our comforter with us until we go downstairs together.  Second, he went to bed wayyy too late last night so I think he was overtired.  So when he came downstairs, he was already teary about me not being in bed and then when he sat down to eat he said he wanted to stay home today and started crying.  I wanted to puke.  I wanted to say “I know buddy I want you home with me too!” but I know that would make him feel worse.  I just asked him why he wanted to stay home, and he said he misses me and being home during the day.  I empathized with him, told him I totally understand, and then told him we are so close to the end of the week and he only has one more day of school this week before two whole days with me!  And that made him happy.  I also told him we have tons of time after he gets home to spend together and he agreed.  I said today calls for a special trip after we get you from the bus, so we are going to head to SeaLife Aquarium for a visit.  His frown quickly turned right back around and he happily played with Reese while we waited to head to the bus stop.

imageLast night was curriculum night at the elementary school.  I went and got to hear all about what the kindergarteners will learn by June and that he will only  have sporadic, fun homework (yay!) I got to go to his classroom and sit at his desk and listen to his teacher talk to us, too.  I loved sitting at his desk and seeing how he gets to see the classroom during the day.  He had done a couple projects already and they were hanging around the classroom.  It made me smile.  I’m a very visual person, I take lots of notes, write lots of to do lists and reminders on sticky notes, and like to visualize how things will go before it happens.  I was the same in my school days. I would go to the school before it started for the year and walk my class schedule through the building so I could make mental notes of where my locker was, etc to help me on my first day until I learned my routine.   Being in Mason’s classroom and seeing how he’s made his mark in there helped me a lot because when I’m sad he’s away, now I can picture him sitting at his desk and being in class with his buddies.

Every day is getting easier for me, and for him, too I think.  He’s where he’s supposed to be, even though that’s away from me 7.5 hours a day, 5 days a week.    I’m excited for the weekend!  Two whole days with my Mason 🙂

Guilt — August 19, 2015


IMG_1282I went back to work on June 8th after I had Reese. I love my job but my heart hurts. The kids love their preschool and I trust their teachers.  But every morning is a huge struggle.  Packing lunches, feeding Reese, making bottles, breakfast time and packing my pump and laptop.  Don’t even mention if Chris or I need a shower. Mason always wants to play with his Legos and Mia always wants to steal them.  I rarely wear my hair outside of a pony tail because mornings are just too insane no matter how much I try to prepare the night before.  I rarely eat breakfast at home because I have no time if I want to get to work at a decent time. Continue reading

My last trip to Crittenton L&D — August 12, 2015

My last trip to Crittenton L&D

On Mason’s actual birthday, March 20, we decided to do one last trip as a family of 4 to SeaLife Aquarium.  It was a ton of fun!  The kids had a blast, and it was expensive but worth it.  At the end of the tour, I took this photo of the kiddos watching the fish swim around.  I always reflect back on this photo of them when I think about what our life was like before the baby arrived.   Continue reading

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