On Mason’s actual birthday, March 20, we decided to do one last trip as a family of 4 to SeaLife Aquarium.  It was a ton of fun!  The kids had a blast, and it was expensive but worth it.  At the end of the tour, I took this photo of the kiddos watching the fish swim around.  I always reflect back on this photo of them when I think about what our life was like before the baby arrived.  This one always pops into my mind.


On Monday, March 30, Chris and I got up and gave the kids their breakfast before preschool.  It was delivery day for our last baby and we were ecstatic to learn the gender!  I was also a bit sad that it was my last day with Mason & Mia being the only kiddos, so we snapped some silly photos.

IMG_9936 IMG_9935

We dropped them off at preschool, and off we went to the hospital.  When we got there, we waited for what seemed like ETERNITY.  I was starving and wasn’t able to eat or drink anything from midnight the night before, and I have an 11am surgery so we had to be there by 9.

IMG_0247 IMG_0244 IMG_0253

My OB came in at 10:45 and said they had to hold off my surgery because another mom was in labor and may need the OR.  So we hung out for a little while longer, and then they walked in and said “it’s go time!”.  This is where I started to panic.  With Mia, I walked myself into the OR, got my spinal, and it failed.  I was put under general anesthesia and wasn’t able to hear her first cries or anything.  Chris wasn’t even allowed in when she was born.  So, I walk the familiar path from the L&D rooms, gave Chris a hug and a kiss and said I would see him soon.  I walked down the hall and through the double surgical doors and into the super bright surgery room.  I use the same step stool to climb up onto the bed, and I hung out there for a bit while they paged the anesthesiologist.  I looked around – saw the monitoring machines at the head of the table, the OR nurses prepping instruments, the bassinet ready to go, the familiar bottles of formula at the bottom of the cart by the bassinet (Mia needed formula right away since her blood sugar was so low, and I remembered seeing it before I was knocked out and wondering why they had formula in the OR, but now I know!), and the door closed with no Chris in sight.  My OB came in and eased my fears about being knocked out, and to my surprise, the same anesthesiologist that delivered Mason would also be doing my spinal for this baby!  That made me breathe a sigh of relief.

She came around and had me lean over to start the spinal.  My OB stood in front of me and just talked to me while I got the spinal.  It felt like pinching and then tons of bubbles going into my back.  It was the freakiest feeling in the entire world.  And then, after a few minutes, I started to go numb.  I frantically asked them to make sure that they pinched me before they started so I could make sure I was numb.  They said ok, and then went about their business.  The anesthesiologist asked me if I was ok, and I said I was nervous.  She said “don’t be!  They have already started!”  I was surprised, and extremely happy because I couldn’t feel a thing!

I waited and waited for Chris to come in, and then finally asked if he could come in… they had forgotten him out there!  They went and got him, and he came right in and sat by my head and talked to me to calm me down.  I was so anxious and nervous.  The OR nurse who prepped me in the labor room grabbed the receiving blanket and stood next to me, and said “it’s almost baby time!”.  A few more minutes went by, and my OB said, “baby is almost out!”  And then I heard a cry.  My OB said “the baby’s not even out yet!” I couldn’t believe he or she had cried before even being totally born yet!  Then my OB said “Is it a Cameron or a Reese….” then she said “IT’S A REESE!”  I busted out crying.  It was the most amazing moment ever, to learn you have a new daughter and get to see her at the same time, with her name already attached to her pretty little face.

IMG_0259 IMG_0266

Reese Halina was born on March 30, 2015 at 2:28pm weighing 8 lbs 3 oz and 20.5 inches long.  Her middle name is after her amazing ur-uroma, Halina, who passed away in June 2013.

Her blood sugars were super low, so they also had to give her formula in the OR.  I was amazed once she was born how alert I was.  I remember waiting to see her, because she was surrounded by nurses and the peds doctor.  They finally brought her over to me and I couldn’t stop staring at her!  Then, Chris left with her because she had to go be weighed and taken to the special needs nursery because her blood sugars were still too low.  I hung out in the OR getting stitched up, and then my OB commented about how awesome it was she shared a birthday with Reese.  I knew that already (the other nurses did not), and had gotten her a present, too.

Our third little peanut arrived safe and sound, and we couldn’t wait to introduce her to Mason & Mia, who all along said I was pregnant with a little sister… they were going to be so happy when they got the hospital!