Breastfeeding did not last long with Mason or Mia.  I lasted about 12 days with both of them before I made the switch.  I knew I was going to give it my all with our last baby, and I have surprised myself and am still breastfeeding, 4 months in and going strong.  Well, going, not so strong, but still going.  Going back to work has made my supply take a wicked hit.  I never pump enough to cover what she eats while we are apart.  I usually have to pump twice at night while she sleeps to cover during the day.  I have tried herbal supplements (didn’t care for smelling like an IHOP all day aka syrup) and lactation cookies and more water and not bottle watching while I pump and listening to music to relax me but I usually only come home with 4-5 ounces.

While I was on maternity leave, we used a bottle once a day in the evening (once she was 2 weeks old) so she could get use to the bottles for when I went back to work.  She has no issues switching back between bottle and nursing, although now she gets mad when she nurses that the flow isn’t fast enough.  I’m sad that going back to work has hindered the one thing I wanted to be so successful with for her, but any amount of breast milk is good and I am wicked proud of myself for getting this far.