uzkxigtzhndkqhqhfs1eWondering what I have to write about that involves the Jaws theme song?  I’ll fill you in, but until then, chew this over (no pun intended) – it has to do with Mason being in time out!

I busted Mason trying to shove a dime (O.M.G) into Mia’s mouth from the kitchen.  I swooped in and rescued said coin and child from injury and promptly placed Mason into timeout.  Now let me give some backstory real quick.

I started singing the Jaws theme song to Mason and would chase him around the house, all while he would be laughing hysterically.  It was one of our fun moments of the day, and I never really thought anything of it.   He will randomly sing the song throughout the day, and it makes me laugh because he doesn’t really know the meaning behind the song (ie: “a huge man-eating creature is about to destroy you” song).  Now back to the time out.

He’s sitting on the staircase (well more so messing around because he’s pissed he’s there), and I walk past him to the bathroom and he starts singing the JAWS theme song.  Yup, you read it right – my 2 1/2 year old sang the “a huge man-eating creature is about to destroy you” song as I walked past.  I tried my hardest not to bust out laughing (as that would show him the time out was not indeed working) and ran back into the kitchen to text my family, who thought it was hilarious…. Mason is definitely my kid.

Anywho!  A ton has happened since I wrote last.  Mia has EIGHT teeth  (#8 just popped through) and “Mouse” (one of her nicknames) is sometimes a bit crabby because of it!  Mason is forming more complete sentences and is Mr. Independent.  Mia is crawling and is starting to pull herself up on things.  We lowered her crib and everything!

Mason also started preschool this week and they both go to a daycare now one day a week so I can work.  They are both developing strikingly different personalities – it is so much fun to watch.  Mia has her hilarious side and she is always (for the most part) smiling and happy!  However, she has a mean poker face and looks at Mason sometimes and probably wonders how they are related.   Mason is just all around nuts (cue Mommy’s side lol) and sometimes needs to be reigned in, but what toddler doesn’t need to be every so often?

Love my kiddos 🙂