I’ve started writing down the funny things Mason has said and done to put in his baby box to chuckle about when he’s older (college graduation dinner??). That being said, I couldn’t resist not sharing them on here because let’s face it, some are pretty hilarious.

– Mason decided he didn’t want to eat the lunch I have him. He leaned down, smelled it, said “eeeeewww gross”, then proceeded to push it across the table with his pointer finger, all while saying “chooooo chooooooo”
– Whenever Mason acts funny we say “you’re crazy!” Well, one day, he took off running and laughing while yelling “I KAZY I KAZY!”
– Mia was screaming her head off in the back of the van, and Mason was asleep. He woke up and looked over and said “Mia what’s wrong?” LOL