On Monday I started a 10 day challenge that really made me face how poor my eating habits were!  I’m now 6 days in and I have realized that you only need to eat 5 times a day (3 meals and 2 snacks) to sustain yourself, and not to constantly snack.  I found myself avoiding the kitchen at all costs.  And the first two days I thought about nothing but FOOD.  It was terrible… I had to keep myself busy because I would always cruise the kitchen.  I’m an emotional/boredom eater so I had to find stuff to do to avoid the kitchen trips.  I had terrible headaches the first two days in the afternoons, and I replaced sugary sodas and coffees with zero calorie sparkling waters and sugar free lattes.  I am currently down 5 lbs and feel great!  Chris has lost 10 pounds, and I have no desire for Big Macs or gorditas anymore… especially when I realized my caloric intake for a day should be around 1430 based on myfitnesspal and some of the stuff I was eating had almost 1k in calories IN ONE MEAL.   I am proud to say I haven’t had fast food or pop since April 1, and for me, that’s a long time… sad to say but I have to start somewhere!

I also watched a documentary called Food Inc. that made me decide never to eat restaurant beef (if I can absolutely help it) ever again!  I learned most meat goes through an ammonia wash!  GROSS!!!  I also saw how they process meat (I’ll spare the details) and it just made my stomach turn.  Chris and I have decided to look in our county for grass-fed beef options and in the future, chicken (I already ordered a 40 lb case of chicken breast that’s coming in next Wednesday from Zaycon).  We found a local farm that will hold 20 lbs for us when it becomes available again in the next 2 to 4 weeks.

We are also starting a vegetable garden!  We bought seeds today (summer squash, hot peppers, zucchini, lettuce, onions, to name a few) as I learned about GMO’s and that to ripen tomatoes before they’re ready they use ETHANOL GAS!

SO SO grossed out.  I am glad I learned about this before my kids got too big!  Now I can provide for them the healthiest of options.  I’m ashamed I didn’t know more about this before and even more ashamed our country tries to pass some of this stuff off as food.

It’s tough finding time to write in here between the kids, my job and keeping up the house, but I promise to keep up as much as I can!