Mia decided to wake up at 1:40 and then again at 4:30 (ugh) so I just stayed up with her after the last time she woke because I had stuff to do. And I did alot!

I ordered some photos I needed to print, did some work, and then hit the kitchen! I made Pumpkin Pancakes and homemade taco seasoning. We are trying to move away from buying prepared things and trying to homemake things ourselves, and move towards cleaner, healthier foods. I enjoy cooking when I have the time so I’m beginning to do some things here and there!

Check out the recipes under the Recipes tab!

In other news, Mia has another round of vaccines this afternoon… I hate when my kids have to get shots, they look so upset and it breaks my heart. But I know the vaccines they are getting are to protect them from illness, and that’s what we are suppose to do as parents – protect our kids! 🙂