It happened.

The moment we all dreaded since Mason started his potty training adventures.

Let’s give some background first.

Mason’s been on a “let’s remove my diaper and let all my stuff hang out” kick the last couple weeks. At the most random times, he will drop his drawers and want to be naked. Today was no different.

We laid him down for his nap around 1:30pm. And he was playing quietly with his trains. And then he got quiet. And we thought he finally fell asleep.

Until the cries for help began. Not like “I’m choking” cries for help, but his cries for help like when one of the pieces of his Thomas train track falls off. I didn’t think anything of it, because his room has absolutely nothing in it he can hurt himself on or get stuck. So after a few minutes, he started getting angry, so I sent Chris upstairs to get him.

I’m sitting at the kitchen table. I hear Chris’ footsteps on the monitor. The door opens. I hear “what did you do??” from Chris. I figured he peed the bed…

I was wrong.

I then hear gagging from Mason. Chris then hollers down “oh no you didn’t… Grab the paper towel!”

I yelled up “what did he do?”

And that’s when I heard the 5 words I prayed I’d never hear in my parenting era.

“Mason shit on the floor!”

I was speechless

This wasn’t the turd that rolled out his pant leg a couple weeks ago onto our master bedroom carpet. This was a full blown, adult sized dump behind the recliner in his room, right into the pergo floor. Which means he removed his diaper and straddled the floor. Luckily, he missed the heat vent two inches to the left.

We cleaned up his mess as he stood by gagging and saying “gross!” and pointing to it. We then went downstairs and proceeded to continue on our day.

As I put him to bed tonight, I saw the corner and the recliner haphazardly shoved out of the way. I joked around with Chris that we should cordon it off with some caution tape, hahaha.

I hope he grows out of this soon…