Meeting my daughter
Meeting my daughter

It’s been a long time since I’ve written here. So long that I actually have a new BABY to talk about now! Mia Isabel arrived November 28th, 2012 at 10:13am, 9 lbs 6 oz, 22 inches long, via scheduled c-section. My hope was to try for a VBAC with her should I go into labor naturally, but I never did, so c-section at 39 weeks it was. She has been such an easy going baby so far, only crying for diaper or feeding, and Mason absolutely adores her and calls her by her name and Mimi. He’s adjusting beautifully as are we.

I am breastfeeding her, which is what I did for Mason for 10 days until I got diagnosed with postpartum depression, and even breastfeeding is going well. I have no thoughts like I did with the PPD I had with Mason, and everything seems to be going well. 🙂 I love my babies!

Mia has been sleeping well at night, 3-5 hour stretches, although last night she didn’t conk out till 1:30pm and nursed quite a bit. But then she slept from 615-8 which was nice. 130-5, then 615-8. Yay for some sleep! I sent her to the nursery in the hospital and got some sleep there, too – it was amazing and I would recommend everyone and their brother DO IT! I didn’t with Mason and was completely sleep deprived when I got home.

Since my last post, I started working part time at a marketing company in Ferndale called Edge Marketing – it’s just me, my boss, and a couple of freelance graphic design people. It’s an amazing job, pays well and is super flexible – in fact, I get to work from home now permanently whereas before I was going to the office 3x a week. My boss is super nice, too – which is great! And my resume is going to look amazing! Chris left his company LMS and went to work for a company called Getrag in September 2011 – he just left Getrag and went back to LMS this October. He wasn’t happy and he wasn’t growing within the company, and his old job has been scouting him to come back, so he went back. He works so hard for us and I couldn’t be more proud of him. He’s an amazing husband and father!

More soon, promise 🙂